I’m currently a freelance reporter covering the intersections of religion, culture, law, and gender. I’ve written for The New Republic, The Atlantic, The Progressive, The Nation, New York Magazine, Religion & Politics, The Hill, PRI’s The World, Refinery29, Vice, Fusion, Jezebel, Bloomberg, AlterNet, and Religion Dispatches.

I previously covered securities litigation and regulation as well as general legal news for Law360, a daily news wire for attorneys. Highlights included insider trading trials, interviews with high-ranking SEC officials, and on-the-ground reporting from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Some examples of my work:

The Rise of “Zombie Religious Hospitals” (The New Republic)

“Genesis … is part of a growing trend known as “zombie religious hospitals,” a term coined by Elizabeth Sepper, a law professor at Washington University who has studied the trend. As more and more hospitals merge, Catholic providers are imposing their religious restrictions on patients at secular facilities.”

The Right To Abortion — And Religious Freedom (The Atlantic)

“Some progressive and moderate religious groups feel they have been made invisible by religious conservatives’ claim on the idea of religious freedom.”

Reclaiming the Moral Imperative for Reproductive Choice. A Q&A with Dr. Willie Parker (The Progressive)

“Far beyond personal history, Parker’s memoir is a claim for the moral urgency of reproductive rights, which he constructs with equal parts dispassioned medical precision and a deep understanding of his Christian faith. He faults progressives and humanists for failing to offer a moral, spiritual, ethical, or religious response to “the antis” and Jerry Falwell’s “pro-life” Moral Majority. A successful reproductive rights movement, Parker argues, must not be afraid to claim the moral high ground.”

Trinity Lutheran: The Church-State Case Looms at the Supreme Court (Religion & Politics) 

“The Supreme Court is expected to rule this month in a case brought by Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, against the state. At first blush, the dispute seems like a simple playground dispute. But the ruling could have powerful implications for the separation of church and state and the funding of religious schools in the United States.”

The Aggressive Anti-Union Campaign at StoryCorps (The Nation)

The StoryCorps union push brings to mind recent organizing efforts in digital newsrooms, but its struggle is more typical of a nonprofit, where workers are expected to be fulfilled by the mission of the organization without pushing for better pay or benefits or demanding labor rights.”

Making Art Helps this Refugee Create Her New Life in Austria (PRI’s The World)

“Modeled after ArtLifting, a Boston-based benefit corporation that sells and licenses the work of homeless artists, Restart hopes to be a resource for creative refugees trying to remake their lives and careers in Europe.”

The Double Standard of Military Pregnancy: What Contraceptive Access Won’t Fix (Rewire)

“Taken as a whole, the U.S. military’s policy basically amounts to an abstinence-only approach, with women shouldering nearly all of the risk and blame when soldiers do decide to have sex on deployment.”

How Religion Can Help Explain the Gender Wage Gap (

“Women’s roles as mothers and workers are shaped by religious norms and customs, even when those norms aren’t directly dictated by religious dogma.”

Why This Mom Left The Marines — & Why She Is Far From Alone (Refinery29)

“Many military members see themselves as “war fighters, not babysitters,” and that won’t change through policy alone, according to Roche-Paull. “There’s policy in place, but due to culture, and due to people not understanding the policy, people are still not getting it,” she said.”

NC’s “Bathroom Bill” Shows Problem With “Religious Freedom” Label (Religion Dispatches)

“The religious-freedom-bills-are-discriminatory shorthand enables a linguistic drift that may unwittingly mask deeper truths about a variety of activist efforts across the nation.”

Why Old-School Organized Labor Is Needed In New Digital Newsrooms (Op-Ed, The Hill)

“The unionization of digital newsrooms is, like most labor movements, a struggle between workers and the powers that employ them. In this sense, these efforts are nothing new. But they also represent the desire to resist the forces of individualization wrought upon all of us by the gig economy, the digital demand for personal brands, and the shrinking of the American safety net.”

This ‘Sims’-Like Software Models Real Workplaces With More Women (Vice)

“According to Gaudiano, current efforts to level the playing field are failing because corporations view their culture as a separate arena, not as something that emerges from the way employees share resources, eat lunch, or interact with competitors and the economy at large. That so-called emergent culture is what Icosystem aims to capture with its models.”

In Sedgwick Gender Pay Suit, a Case for Transparency (Bloomberg Big Law Business)

“Many BigLaw firms pay associates in lockstep in accordance with publicly-posted salary rubrics that can be found online in a matter of minutes, but that transparency drops off significantly at the partner and equity partner levels — the same time women start to thin in the ranks.”

Faux Van Gogh and Pinot Grigio: The Rise of ‘Paint and Sip’ Studio (Jezebel)

“[I’d] been curious about these wine-heavy identical-painting classes: how could such blandly commodified creativity have such mass appeal? Specifically, the aesthetic of paint-and-sip studios seemed to be a final nail in the coffin of impressionism, long demoted from avant-garde to Hallmark card.”